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Experience the convenience and flavor of our Canned Tuna, a pantry staple that brings the taste of the ocean to your table anytime, anywhere. Sourced from the finest quality tuna, our canned offering retains the rich, savory taste and flaky texture that tuna lovers crave. Whether enjoyed straight from the can for a quick protein boost or transformed into a delicious tuna salad sandwich with crisp veggies and tangy mayo, each bite offers a burst of freshness and nutrition. Perfect for busy weekdays or outdoor adventures, our Canned Tuna is a versatile ingredient that lends itself to a variety of recipes, from hearty pasta dishes to refreshing salads. Elevate your meals with the convenience and quality of our Canned Tuna, brought to you with dedication and expertise by Eight International LLC.


CANNED / POUCHED TUNA – Specification Sheet