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Sustainability Road Map

Sustainability as a Guiding Principle

Our commitment is to ensure the sustainability of our oceans and marine ecosystems. We recognize the delicate balance required to preserve our seas for future generations. As stewards of the ocean, we are dedicated to sourcing seafood responsibly, adhering to eco-friendly fishing practices, and supporting fisheries that prioritize long-term environmental health.

Ethical and Transparent Sourcing

We are transparent in our sourcing methods, providing our customers with a clear understanding of the journey their seafood takes from ocean to table. We prioritize international relationships with fishermen and fisheries that share our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, avoiding overfishing and supporting responsible aquaculture.

Fostering Interpersonal Relationships

We value the relationships we build with the unsung heroes of our industry – the fishermen. By establishing direct, open lines of communication, we aim to bridge the gap between the sea and the table. Our approach is collaborative and empathetic, ensuring fair compensation and dignified working conditions for our fishermen partners.

Community engagement approach

Recognizing the integral role that coastal communities play in the international seafood industry, we actively contribute to the well-being of these communities. We prioritize partnerships with local fishermen, supporting their livelihoods and investing in initiatives that enhance the economic and social fabric of these communities.

Education and Advocacy

We believe knowledge is power. We are committed to educating both our customers and our fishermen partners about sustainable practices, the importance of biodiversity, and the long-term benefits of ethical fishing. Through advocacy, we aim to inspire positive change within the industry.